Mobile Spy Software Detection & Removal Tips

2011 April 27
by admin

Mobile Spy Software Detection & Removal Tips

As its name implies, mobile spy software is used to detect and record user activity on any compatible mobile phone. Before it can accomplish this goal though, someone will need to download the required software directly onto the phone. It will then collect data and upload it to a particular website. The person who downloaded the mobile spyware onto the phone can then log into the website and view whatever activity was recorded. This type of software is completely undetectable once loaded onto the mobile phone.

What Can It Do

The technology behind mobile spy software has progressed significantly since it was first introduced. Not too long again, the software simply forwarded SMS messages to a secret number so people could monitor text messages. This simplicity certainly isn’t a problem nowadays since the software is capable of doing many more things like:

Intercepting Calls: Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to monitor a phone call as it actually takes place. There will be no need to guess what the conversation consisted of, since you’ll be able to hear everything for yourself.

Intercepting Text Messages: Mobile spy software that offers this feature enables you to see exactly what every text message says. Every single text message will secretly be recorded.

Intercepting Emails: Another nice feature offered by mobile spy software is the ability to track and record all outgoing email messages.

Remote Listening: One of the best features that you’ll find with mobile spyware is the remote monitoring capability. Whenever the phone isn’t being used, it will secretly transmit audio. It’s like having a hidden microphone planted on whoever you’re monitoring.

Call History: Obviously since you’ll be loading the mobile spyware onto a phone, you will want to know the call history. The software not only provides you with the complete outbound and inbound calling history, you’ll also be able to tell how long the call lasted.

GPS Tracking Ability: In order for this feature to be used, the mobile spy software will need to be loaded onto a phone with GPS technology. Once loaded, it will record all of the GPS locations that the phone travels to. You can even monitor these coordinates in real time.

Mobile Spy GPS Tracking

Now that you see exactly what mobile spy software can do, you may be wondering if you actually have it loaded onto your phone. There are various ways you can check. Here are the best 5 tips to detect Mobile Spy Software.

  • 1) Battery Issues. If you’ve had your phone for a while, you should be familiar with how long the battery normally lasts. Although its lifespan will naturally get shorter over time, you should be able to tell if there’s a drastic change quickly. Some types of mobile spyware will significantly drain your battery quickly.
  • 2) Check Your Statements. It’s best that you check your statements every month. If you rarely send text messages and you see that you suddenly started sending a hundred or so every month, then you’ll obviously be able to tell that something is wrong. Mobile spy software also uses GPRS to transmit data, so you should keep an eye on the amount of data you transfer every month.
  • 3) Loaned your Phone to Someone Recently? In almost every case, mobile spyware requires the person to access your phone physically. A nefarious person may innocently ask to borrow your phone to make a phone call or something. Be careful letting people use your phone.
  • 4) Hearing Noises? As mentioned, some mobile spy software has the ability to monitor your phone calls while in progress. Many times, they will generate a clicking noise while doing so. If you hear something like this, you may just be a victim.
  • 5) Lighting up? It’s common for lights on the mobile phone to light up whenever a call or message comes in or goes out. If someone has loaded software onto your phone and tries to monitor you, the lights may reflect the fact. To you, they’ll just appear to light up for no reason.

It is almost impossible for you to remove mobile spy software from your phone yourself. You may be forced to take it to a licensed dealer in order to have the firmware reinstalled. Once you have fresh firmware, you should be good to go. There are also detection applications that may prove useful to you. You can check out mobile spy review to learn about some of the most recent releases. After reading many of these reviews, you’ll be provided a link so you can try out the detection software for free.

Mobile spy software is incredibly powerful these days. Fortunately for you, there are ways that you can detect its presence and get rid of it.


The best “tip” to give in regards to removing mobile spy software, is to reinstall the OS or take your cell phone back to your service center and tell them you want to do a fresh install of the OS. There is software that will detect and remove spyware on your mobile, but to be 100% sure that the mobile spy software has been successfully removed, the best way is via a clean install.

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  1. Truth permalink
    January 20, 2012


    Please point me to any federal and or state law that says using this software to accomplish all the things you say it does, is legal as you say it is, under any federal and or state law, especially without the permission of the owner of the phone.

    I bet there are a lot of federal prosecutors would like to see it as well because it would me a slew of cases being reversed.

    Have you checked with any federal and or state prosecutors to make sure this software is legal to use in the ways you say it can be used?

    My battery on my computer is draining quite quickly as I’m typing this. Maybe that’s a sign that I someone has put some of your spyware on my computer….

  2. jilbert permalink
    January 23, 2012

    very like

  3. victim permalink
    March 18, 2012

    All these things happened to my phone, clicking noises,lighting up for no reason, and the battery draining rapidly. What i want to know is there ever away to tell who put it on your phone?

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